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  • April 14-16, 2017
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Bull Run Snag Incident — August, 2009

Rattle Fire Snag Incident — September, 2008

Camel Hump Falling Incident, Facilitated Learning Analysis — July, 2008

Washington Logger Fatality — April, 1998

Issue Paper #44, Addition of Position Task Books for Sawyers and Faller — February, 2003

Issue Paper #12, Felling Boss Training — January, 1996


Felling Boss, S-235 is suggested training for the felling boss position. Prior to qualification as a felling boss, the individual also must complete Crew Boss (Single Resource) S-230 and be qualified as an advanced firefighter/squad boss (FFT1). Power Saws S-212 is among the training courses suggested for the FFT1 position.

Development of the S-235 course was initiated in FY 94. When the project leader left in August, 1995, the course was nearly completed, having gone through two test courses and a review. At that time, the project was handed off to another project leader for completion.

Our second project leader is much more experienced in course development. Upon review of the materials, he determined that instruction in S-235 was duplicating instruction in S-230 and S-212. He also determined that the instruction in S-230 and S-212 fully supported the tasks for the felling boss position. This was discussed with the subject matter specialists who had been assigned to the project. All agreed that all training necessary for the felling boss already existed in the S-212 and S-230 courses. The development group then made a recommendation (see attached memo) that S-235 be dropped from the curriculum.

The NIFC National Fire and Aviation Training Support Group agrees with the recommendations of the development group that:

  1. Felling Boss S-235 be dropped from the curriculum

  2. When revised, the Wildland Fire Qualification Subsystem Guide be changed to require Power Saws S-212 or equivalent training OR be certified as a feller by their agency.

Upon approval of this recommendation:

  1. The NIFC National Fire and Aviation Training Support Group will stop further development and certification of the S-235 course. Materials will be retained on file for possible future use and copies will be made available upon request. The enhanced internal review process implemented by the group last Spring will help to catch any future problems of this sort earlier in the development cycle.

  2. The ICS Working Team will need to make appropriate changes to the qualifications system during the revision of 310-1.


/s/ George G. Martin
Chairman, Training Working Team
/s/ John Philbin
Chairman, ICS Working Team


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