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Fire Instructor I

  • September 26-29, 2024

class information

IFSTA “Fire & Emergency Services Instructor”

Pre-course Assignments

Equivalency to M-410, Facilitative Instructor

Download the Fire Instructor I flyer (98 kb) and Firecamp Application (170 kb) in PDF format.

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NIOSH Report, 2002-34

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Preventing Deaths and Injuries to Fire Fighters during Live-Fire Training in Acquired Structures, CDC Workplace Solutions — November, 2004

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Fire Instructor I

One of our all-time favorite class photos: October, 2014 includes Fire Instructor I, #23.


32-hour class based upon IFSTA “Fire and Emergency Services Instructor,” 9th edition, designed to prepare the student to meet the job performance requirements (JPR’s) contained in NFPA 1041, Standard for Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications (2012) for the position of Fire Instructor, level I. This class is equivalent to NWCG’s M-410, “Facilitative Instructor.” Includes pre-course reading and project assignments.

The Colorado Division of Fire Prevention & Control practical examination for Fire Instructor I certification will be offered at Colorado Firecamp during each class.

Who: The target audience includes fire department and wildfire agency personnel responsible for delivery of firefighter training sessions. Also helpful for individuals seeking Fire Instructor I certification as a prerequisite for Fire Officer I.

September 26-29, 2024

Class will begin at 8:00 am, Thursday and conclude by 5:00 pm, Sunday. Students can expect a rigorous schedule with morning, afternoon and evening sessions, in addition to nightly reading/project assignments.

Where: Colorado Firecamp at the Ponderosa Lodge, 12 miles west of Salida, ½ mile north of U.S. Highway 50 on County Road 240.

The Colorado Fire Service Training and Certification Advisory Board “has established the IFSTA training manuals, IFSTA Instructor lesson plans, and curriculum packages as the minimum curriculum leading to state certification.”  This course meets NWCG instructor training requirements of the Field Manager’s Course Guide, PMS 901-1.


$650 — includes tuition, 3 nights of lodging, and 11 meals (Thursday breakfast through Sunday lunch.) Student provides own textbook.

Contact: Course coordinator.
telephone: (719) 539-9329        fax: (719) 530-0316

Fire Instructor I

0730:               Breakfast
0800:               Introductions/Scope/Administrative Procedures
                        Student Presentations and Ice Breaker Exercise
0930:               Chapter 1:       Challenges of the Fire and EMS Instructor
1000:               Chapter 2:       Safety and Training Function
1200:               Lunch
1300:               Chapter 3:       Legal and Ethical Considerations

Homework:     1: Questions for Chapter 1 - 3
                        3: JPR Preparations/Short Presentations

0800:               Review/Quiz/Homework
0900:               Chapter 4:       Effective Interpersonal Communications
1100:               Chapter 5:       Instructional Facilities and Props
1200:               Lunch
1300:               Short Presentations
1330:               Chapter 6:       Report Writing and Record Keeping
1430:               Chapter 7:       Principles of Learning

Homework:     1: Training Records Exercises
                        2: Questions from Chapters 4-7
                        3: JPR Preparations

0800:               Review/Quiz/Homework
0900:               Chapter 8:       Student Attributes and Behavior
1100:               Chapter 9:       Preparation for Instruction
1200:               Lunch
1300:               JPR Practice
1330:               Chapter 10:     Instructional Delivery
1400:               Chapter 11:     Audiovisual Technology
1500:               Chapter 12:     Structured Exercises, Demonstrations and Practical Training Evolutions

                        1: Questions from Chapters 8-11
                        2: JPR Preparations

0800:               Review/Quiz/Homework
0900:               Colorado State JPRs proctored by ____________________     
1200:               Lunch
1300:               Chapter 13:     Student Progress Evaluation and Training
1400                Final Review
1530:               Class Written Examination
1600:               Course Wrap-up



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